Retro QUIZ

With Alma going retro this season, it makes perfect sense for the quiz to go into retro mode as well. Hold your horses as we take you through a journey exploring the exquisite and intricate details of the 90's. From SpongeBob and his famous square pants, right up to the Dexter and his laboratory experiments, from FRIENDS and their legendary friendship to Bill Nye and his science experiments, we witnessed a host of groundbreaking shows in the decade. Join us as we explore all of this and more at the retro quiz. Details will be up at the website pretty soon, so stay tuned and happy quizzing!

Event Coordinators :
Abhishek Mishra: +91-9415708406
Harsh Mantri : +91-7021447626


Rounds : Written Eliminations followed by on-stage finals.

• Team size: 2-3
• Participants are expected to carry a pen for the competition.
• Use of unfair means is prohibited.
• Use of mobile phones or any such electronic device is strictly not allowed.
• The decision of quizmaster shall be final and binding.