"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"
Cyber Crusades, the gaming event of Alma Fiesta awaits you to experience the fun and excitement that lay ahead.



Everyone is gifted with their own unique talent that can change the way people look at the world. Alma Fiesta gives your inherent hidden potential a golden opportunity which can win hearts all over. An Informal, a set of games at the arena outside for fun and games. A moment is all it takes to reach from the bottom to zenith, we give you a chance to win it. Probable Events : Sumo Wrestling, Zorbing, Arm Wrestling, Brick-or-Break, Shoot Pong, Paint Ball.



When your social obligations call, you must listen, because every small effort adds up to a bigger change. So wake up and come along, as Alma Fiesta runs for the cause of Women Safety. Let us show our support to the victimized souls and resilience against the oppressing demons. Lets run!